What is this blog all about?

I am trying to find my way in the open-source world. So far, for almost a decade, I did all kind of projects mostly database-driven applications, all using Microsoft tools running on Microsoft servers and desktops.

Even though I was generally satisfied with my achievements, I coudn’t ignore this growing community of smart people who twist their face when they heard the term such as Microsoft, Windows and Internet Explorer. I didn’t understand what they want from Bill Gates, and why can’t they allow a man to be the richest man on earth by selling software.

For long time I was looking for the environment that will help me switch from the MS world to the Unix world. I couldn’t stand the fact that Java will be my .NET replacement and therefore I postponed the switching until I discover Python which made me falling in love with my profession again.

I use web.py for web applications and can tell clearly that it is much better than any web platform I’ve ever seen.

Every day I am learning new things, troubleshoot others, so I’ll try to put here whatever I believe would be helpful for others.