Looking at gift horse in the mouth (or Google Reader is missing a core feature)

I know they said: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Yet, since I have been riding on this horse for so many miles, I feel comfortable to point out few missing features I believe would make this a-grade web application even better.

I could not believe that a *Made In Google* application will miss a search function. Can you?

Every day I go over dozens of RSS/ATOM feeds, I sometime tag the important/interesting/future reading post, or even share them. Yet, if I ever wanted to re-visit a site or blog for an article I’ve read, or wanted to read but didn’t have the time when it was originally posted, and I found myself scrolling over thousands of post hoping to get lucky and finding what I am looking for.

In sum, Google Reader Team, Thanks for this great application, It helping me allot and saves me time every day. However, I believe that by adding a search capability, is necessary.

Google reader now has that desired function: See at


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