All JavaScript Passengers, Attention Please

This is an example why should one follow the rule of using ‘===’ and avoid ‘==’

var a = [];

[!!a, a == false] == [true, true]

You get !!a == true and at the same time a == false, now you are confused, ain’t you?

Therefore never ever you should be using in your code ‘==’ operator.

[!!a, a === false] == [true, false]
– > Feels better now, ain’t it?

“Follow the rules” is sometime a rule one should follow



jQuery Keyboard Shortcut Hooker Plugin is now called Hotkeys. Make sense, right? The script was tested on Linux, Windows, and MacOS, IE, Safari and Firefox.

The final result is relatively small file (121 lines of code). But do not let this fact misleading you by underestimating its value.

> See Live Demo  

Read more at Google Code and jQuery Plugin Repository