jQuery Keyboard Shortcut Hooker Plugin is now called Hotkeys. Make sense, right? The script was tested on Linux, Windows, and MacOS, IE, Safari and Firefox.

The final result is relatively small file (121 lines of code). But do not let this fact misleading you by underestimating its value.

> See Live Demo  

Read more at Google Code and jQuery Plugin Repository


8 Comments on “HotKeys”

  1. Calderon says:

    Ey, this plugin doesnt work with jquery 1.2.1, why?

  2. Dear Calderon,
    I believe I will produce during this weekend a 1.2 compliant version.
    stay tuned.

  3. Calderon says:

    Thanks!!! This plugin is wonderful. Thanks very much!

  4. K2 says:

    I find bugs and report.
    jquery.hotkeys.003, jQuery 1.2.1.

    $.hotkeys.add(,{ target : ‘div#editor’ }, );
    not work.

    $.hotkeys.add(,{ target : $(‘div#editor’ })[0], );
    work, but not assume work.

  5. I don’t know what are you trying to do, but, as I see in the two examples you didn’t supplied neither the shortcut nor the function reference.

    Instead of
    $.hotkeys.add(,{ target : ‘div#editor’ }, );
    there should be something like:
    $.hotkeys.add('Ctrl+x',{ target : ‘div#editor’ }, function(){do_somthing();});

    In general, comments regarding this plug-in may be submitted at the project’s site

  6. K2 says:

    Typo or paste miss.
    I wanted to say so,

    $.hotkeys.add( ‘Ctrl+Up’ ,{ target : ‘div#editor’ }, );
    not work.

    $.hotkeys.add( ‘Ctrl+Up’ ,{ target : $(’div#editor’ })[0], );

    And “not work” code is written USAGE in “jquery.hotkeys.js”
    Sorry, bad English.

  7. K2 says:

    mistake is repeated…
    I should like to point out is the ‘target’ part.
    Others have no problem.

  8. jamiro.xmg says:

    can you tell how i can manage “shift+click” events? it’s need for multyple list items selection. thx.

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