My Next Laptop Will NOT Be a Mac (But Dell’s)

Comparing to Microsoft aggressiveness,  I was wondering whether Apple is just passive aggressive?

Both  companies are making money selling proprietary, closed-source software (and hardware) . Perhaps Apple just dose it more gently with a wider smile on the face. That is all.

Even getting a legal copy of OS x runs on a virtual machine is almost impossible.

For now, I will stick with Dell which runs Linux smoothly.


One Comment on “My Next Laptop Will NOT Be a Mac (But Dell’s)”

  1. Rishat Muhametshin says:

    Thanks a lot for your oppinion – I was just thinking of what laptop should I get. But my choice depends on multimedia capabilities of the computer, and I’ve heard that Mac and Mac OS are really good in that, and Linux even doesn’t support Audigy audiocard drivers. Such a complicated decision, goddamn.

    Another question is that one Mac costs two Dells – why?

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