Too Bad To Be True (or Dear Ray Ozzie: IE8 can’t handle Windows Live)

Yesterday, while walking from launch, my freind Amnon David (the creator of jNext) told me that IE8 doesn’t work on

Since IE8 release gained lots of credit by JavaScript Hackers (John Resig and many more), therefore, I couldn’t believe it until I saw it in my own eyes.

Plain and simple, the site is broken. Icons, texts, menus are overlapping each other.

Everyone can see now that every piece of DHTML code must be written twice, once for all the browsers, and then specifically for IE.

The unbearable lightness of releasing buggy software at MS is shocking.

The results are deployed here in front of your eyes.

IE8 default mode Ie8

IE 8 emulating IE7

Emulated IE7

Firefox 3 Beta 3



The Winner Takes It All doesn’t work anymore, even for Microsoft

Microsoft interoperability announcement is a significant switch and a remarkable milestone onto the way to make the world of software an open, standardized  and perhaps free as well. Especially regarding the IE8 default behavior.

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I have said in the past that IE would eventually become an open source browser and so it would. I believe  that by the year of 2013 .NET, IE and perhaps more products from Microsoft would be become open source projects.

There is no other way to keep your top rank in any business  than being the best, by all means. Ever since the world of software have realized the the best way to write a software if the open-source way, Microsoft would have to join this principles in order to survive. The fact that more and more developers are switching to free and open-source tools, languages and platforms and barely the vice versa is the only fact that counts in the long run.

New Version for JS HotKeys

I finally was able to fix a few minor bugs and compile a new version of my js-hotkeys module. Get your copy now (tar.gz || zip)

Js-Hotkeys is a jQuery plugin that lets you easily add and remove handlers for keyboard events anywhere in your code supporting almost any key combination.

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Live demo at:

Uncache IE Ajax Cache (XHR GET)

In IE (v: 7.0.5730.11) all GET request are cached. Go figure why.

In order to solve this issue, you can either switch to POST, or add a time stamp to any url you send.

function uncache (url){
return url + "&uncache=" + new Date().getTime();