The Winner Takes It All doesn’t work anymore, even for Microsoft

Microsoft interoperability announcement is a significant switch and a remarkable milestone onto the way to make the world of software an open, standardized  and perhaps free as well. Especially regarding the IE8 default behavior.

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I have said in the past that IE would eventually become an open source browser and so it would. I believe  that by the year of 2013 .NET, IE and perhaps more products from Microsoft would be become open source projects.

There is no other way to keep your top rank in any business  than being the best, by all means. Ever since the world of software have realized the the best way to write a software if the open-source way, Microsoft would have to join this principles in order to survive. The fact that more and more developers are switching to free and open-source tools, languages and platforms and barely the vice versa is the only fact that counts in the long run.


The Truth About Python

from: Python Is Not Java (dirtSimple)

So, if you don’t feel like you’re at least ten times more productive with Python than Java, chances are good that you’ve been forgetting to use the time machine! (And if you miss your Java IDE, consider the possibility that it’s because your Python program is much more complex than it needs to be.)

One might replace the word Java with .Net, it would remain the same, wouldn’t it?

What is this blog all about?

I am trying to find my way in the open-source world. So far, for almost a decade, I did all kind of projects mostly database-driven applications, all using Microsoft tools running on Microsoft servers and desktops.

Even though I was generally satisfied with my achievements, I coudn’t ignore this growing community of smart people who twist their face when they heard the term such as Microsoft, Windows and Internet Explorer. I didn’t understand what they want from Bill Gates, and why can’t they allow a man to be the richest man on earth by selling software.

For long time I was looking for the environment that will help me switch from the MS world to the Unix world. I couldn’t stand the fact that Java will be my .NET replacement and therefore I postponed the switching until I discover Python which made me falling in love with my profession again.

I use for web applications and can tell clearly that it is much better than any web platform I’ve ever seen.

Every day I am learning new things, troubleshoot others, so I’ll try to put here whatever I believe would be helpful for others.